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Professionals with great experience in construction
Who are we?
High-quality waterproofing of production halls, buildings or tunnels
Who are we?
Work with professionals for lift assembly and disassembly
Who are we?

Who are we?

We’ve been actively operating in the field of construction since 2013 and we get better and stronger with each year. We have acquired long-term partnerships with various foreign construction and mounting companies. We provide them with a subcontracting support and help them realize their own projects. We specialize in four areas mainly: waterproofing, disassembly and assembly of lifting equipment, building and road constructions.


Thermal insulation and building waterproofing are amongst our most common projects. We offer our clients with high-quality solutions in the field of waterproofing of production halls, residential buildings, but also foundation slabs and tunnels.

We work with various insulating materials, especially with PVC, HDPE, RESSITRIX, EPDM (hand-welded, machine and extruder welded) and also with bitumen tapes and different types of cardboards.

Disassembly and assembly of lifting equipment

We have rich experience with modernisation of old lifts and with assembling of brand-new lifts around the whole of Slovakia. We assemble various types of lifts (personal, cargo and vehicle lifts) and also atypical lifts exactly as the client requires.

Construction and reconstruction of buildings

Our main focus is primarily construction of buildings for turnkey and the final product is a quality and timely piece of work.

As a general contractor, we can cover all services and offer experience and reliability. We are constantly trying to educate and we like to gain new experiences. Quality, deadline and professionalism – those are the keywords of our strategy.

Road construction

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of road construction, we offer our clients high quality services and professional know-how in this area. We participate in the construction and building of large as well as small road projects, repairs and reconstruction of sidewalks and roads. We provide earthworks, building of foundations, surveying work, asphalt laying and CBGM, laying optical cables and other construction works according to your needs.

Our team also includes professional welders with foreign experience, whose services are used by our partners in the field of bridge construction, building of foundations, welding and overhaul of drilling rigs.


We establish the lawn on larger areas in the form of hydroseeding which is carried out by evenly applying a mixture of seed stock, water, fertilizers, mulch, colouring and possibly other ingredients.

This mixture germinates much faster after application on the substrate, it has also the right density and a great visual effect.

This method is a highly effective way of grassing uneven, steep, hard-to-reach terrains such as roadway slopes, ski slopes but also big gardens of family houses.

To the biggest advantages of this popular way of sowing belong the price, the anti-erosion nature of the mixture used and the speed of grassing of the required land.

Implementation of laying engineering networks

Our company is also dedicated to building optical, internet and telecommunication networks.

We provide complete services in the area of building networks and cable routes, starting with a geodetic survey, earthworks but also a gentler trenchless technology and installation of protectors and multipipe.

We also provide surface finishing made of concrete, bitumen emulsion and cobbles.